Give a Little, Change a Lot

Help support our cause. Buy our subsidised locally manufactured Kivuli Sunscreen and donate to a person living with albinism of your choice or through our database.

You can also support our cause by purchasing our commercial version of Kivuli Sunscreen from a Pharmacy or other supplier near you.

Our Cause

The main and most prevalent characteristic of albinism is lack of skin pigmentation (melanin), which makes people with the condition susceptible to skin disorders including skin cancer. Our main focus is manufacturing and consistent distribution of sunscreens to marginalised and disadvantaged people with albinism. We achieve this goal through various partnerships with commercial institutes and ordinary people like you. Kivuli is our in-house brand of locally manufactured sunscreens. 

Get Involved

To make an impact on our cause, we need to ensure constant availability of sunscreens, efficient distribution and updated database of beneficiaries. You can get involved in all the above by buying sunscreens for direct donations to beneficiaries already in our database or to specific person(s)(or groups) of your choice. Proceeds from your purchases go towards manufacturing, distribution, product development,  beneficiary registeration and awarenss campaings. 


You know someone with albinism in need of monthly sunscreen donations? Help us by registering the details of the beneficiary and or by spreading the word so we can help curb skin cancer in people with albinism by distributing locally manufactured Kivuli sunscreens.