About Us

We are a non-profit making Trust seeking to improve the lives of disadvantaged people living with albinism in Africa through the regular provision of free locally produced sunscreen lotions sponsered by various partners.  


We have partnered with the best and yet humble and kind-hearted in the local pharmaceutical industry to design a sunscreen specifically suited to the African climatic conditions. The sunscreen formula uses raw materials readily available enabling us to manufacture sunscreens at lower and sustainable cost. 

We manufacture and sell our sunscreens to local companies and individuals who then donate the sunscreen to beneficiaries of their choice. AlbinismAfrica.org in turn uses the proceeds from the sales to produce sunscreens for donation to beneficiaries in its database.

Our target is to provide a 200ml bottle of our in-house brand sunscreen, Kivuli, every month to a registered person with albinism .


You know someone with albinism in need of monthly sunscreen donations ? Help us by registering the details of the beneficiary and or by spreading the word so we can help curb skin cancer in people with albinism by distributing locally manufactured Kivuli  sunscreens.