Kivuli Sunscreen

To address the root cause of skin disorders that affect people with albinism, we decided as an organisation to focus on the production and distribution of sunscreens and related products locally.

Kivuli™ is our in-house sunscreen specifically designed for people living with albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kivuli is distributed free of charge, directly by us or through our several partners/sponsors, to less privileged people living with albinism.

The commercial version of the Kivuli sunscreen is also available in pharmacies and all proceeds of the sales are channelled to produce free sunscreens for donations. 

Kivuli Sunscreen Features

Get Involved

You can help our cause through buying from us our locally manufactured sunscreen, Kivuli, and donating it to beneficiaries of your choice. We also maintain a database of registered beneficiaries which you can use to donate the sunscreen you purchase from us. Each and every donation made, saves a beneficiary from potentially developing skin cancer.